This Was the Best Year for Horror Movies

2022 was seen as one of the best years in horror history.

Part of that success came from how unexpected it was.

Yes, there was the anticipation around popular franchises like Scream and Halloween, but it was the surprises that made the year so memorable.

Who expected much from the straight-to-Hulu release of Prey? Instead, it was the best film in the series since the original Predator.

Who’d even heard of Barbarian or Smile going into the year? They ended up being the most talked about horror films rather than the antics of Ghostface or Michael Myers.

Horror has had many great years.

1974 gave us The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Black Christmas.

1980 produced The Shining and Friday the 13th.

In 1982 there was The Thing and Poltergeist.

It was 1978, however, that changed horror.

That was the year an icon was birthed that would change the trajectory of an entire decade.

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